lunes, 30 de abril de 2012


Benedict's words introducing the Regina Coeli ...

Dear brothers and sisters!

Just finished at the Basilica of St. Peter, the Eucharistic celebration in which I ordered nine new priests for the diocese of Rome. Thank God for this gift, a sign of their provident and faithful love to the church! Estrechémonos spiritually on these new priests and pray that fully embrace the grace of the sacrament that has conformed to Christ Priest and Pastor. And pray that every young person is attentive to the voice of God speaking to your heart interiomente and called to part with all to be served. This purpose is dedicated World Day of Prayer for Vocations today. Indeed, whenever the Lord calls, but often do not listen. We are distracted by many things, for other voices more superficial, and then we are afraid to hear the voice of the Lord, because we can cut our freedom. In fact, each of us is the fruit of love: indeed, the love of parents, but more deeply, the love of God. The Bible says if your mother but did not love you, I love you, because I know you and I love you (cf. Isaiah 49.15). As soon as I realize this love, my life changes: it becomes a response to this love, bigger than any other, and so my freedom is fully realized.

Young people who have consecrated priests today are no different from other young people, but have been deeply touched by the beauty of God's love and could not stop responding to all his life. How have you known the love of God? I have found in Jesus Christ in his Gospel, the Eucharist and the Church community. In the Church it is discovered that the life of every man is a love story. The scripture clearly shows and confirms the testimony of the saints. An example is the expression of St. Augustine in his Confessions, which turns to God and says: "Late have I loved you, beauty so ancient and so new: late have I loved you! You were within me, and I was ... You were with me, and I was not with you ... But you called me, and you cry has earned my deafness "(X, 27.38).

Dear friends, pray for the church, each local community to be like a watered garden, where they can germinate and grow all the seeds of the vocation that God sows in abundance. Pray that all this garden grow in the joy of being all called, in the variety of gifts. In particular, families are the first in which "breathe" the love of God, who gives inner strength, even amid difficulties and trials of life. Family who lives in the experience of love of God, receives a priceless gift, which bears fruit in due season. That give us all this the Blessed Virgin Mary, model of the free and obedient to the divine call, Mother of every vocation in the church.

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